MENO-check test for menopause x 2 pieces, menopause test


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  • Test for menopause (menopause test) MENO-jet check for home use is used to detect increased levels of FSH in the urine of adult women. Standing elevated levels of this hormone may indicate the start of menopause.

Aluminum bag containing a single test and a single pouch with a desiccant (2 pcs.).

Just 10 minutes to perform a test for menopause test, menopause MENO check. It will help you to face a difficult period for every woman's menopause! One package contains two tests, which is recommended to be done within one menstrual cycle. When both results indicate elevated FSH, it would mean that he really can soon expect to menopause. Steady increase in follicle stimulating hormone (even more than 25mIU / ml) is associated with a decrease in estrogen production that occurs with age (ovarian failure). The product menopause test MENO-Check is a kind of test for streaming high credibility as a result.

Medical device MENO-check test for menopause test recommended for women over the age of 45 who have problems with the menstrual cycle and the symptoms identified with menopause.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Disposable test.

Menopause test is recommended to be used in accordance with the instructions. First, pull out the test with the package, then download the test with a plastic cap. Directly under the stream of urine, insert the tip of the test. Keep this way for 5-10 seconds. Replace the cap. Wait 5 minutes, after that you can already read the result.