MENOPAUZA (menopause) Plate test x 2 pieces


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  • MENOPAUZA Plate test is a product that enables the detection of urinary FSH at a concentration of 25 mIU / ml or higher. As a result, it can be perimenopause or climacteric.

MENOPAUZA Plate test is a convenient and easy to use product. It allows you to quickly determine the concentration of urinary FSH in the urine (25 mU / ml or higher). Even 2-10 years before the actual menopause, visible changes in hormone levels in the woman's body can be observed. As you age, it reduces the production of estrogen. This results in an increase in FSH production. Increased levels of FSH due to estrogen deficiency may be the first symptom of the upcoming climacteric. The result can easily be read in the form of colored strips, which can be observed in about 3 minutes. Studies show that the accuracy of the Menopause Test is 99.9%.

It is recommended to use a test in women over the age of 40 to check the level of FSH in the urine (for the diagnosis of menopause).

How to use:
It is recommended to collect urine samples in the morning (the result will be the most realistic one). Use a pipette to apply 3-4 drops of urine to the sample window on the plate. Leave for 3 minutes. Positive test results mean that the FSH concentration is higher than normal.
In the case of regular menstruation, accompanied by symptoms of menopause, perform the first test of the pack in the first week of the cycle, ie between 2 and 7 days of the cycle. In the case of irregular menstruation, the test can be done any day.