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MEPILEX Border Flex foam adhesive 10x10 cm

kohlpharma GmbH

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MEPILEX Border Flex foam adhesive 10x10 cm

Pack size:10 pieces Dosage form:Association

The all-in-one bandage adapts well to the body and has unique adhesion.

The new generation of flexible bandages does not come off and has unique adaptability: nurses save time, controllers save costs and patients gain a better quality of life .

A wound dressing that conforms to the body and does not come off

Mepilex® Border Flex has better adaptability compared to other adhesive edge foam dressings tested due to the unique Flex technology 1 . A bandage that moves with the patient and doesn't come off even in the shower.

Practical Exudate Management
The 5 layer dressing absorbs, channels and traps exudate. This allows the progress of exudate to be controlled. The layers drain exudate from the wound bed and prevent backflow into the wound, even under a compression bandage. As a result, this wound dressing has up to 2.2 times higher exudate absorption compared to other tested foam dressings with adhesive edges7 and absorbs both normal and viscous exudate.

Less pain and wound and skin damage
Our proven Safetac® technology ensures less pain and wound and skin damage when changing dressings, and there is also a lower risk of maceration than with conventional (self-adhesive) dressings.

Areas of application
Mepilex Border Flex was developed for a wide range of exuding wounds, e.g. B. Bedsores, leg and foot ulcers as well as traumatic wounds (e.g. skin tears) and surgical wounds. Mepilex Border Flex can also be used in conjunction with gels for dry and necrotic wounds. Mepilex Border Flex can also be used as part of a prophylactic treatment to prevent skin injuries such as: B. pressure ulcers, are used and reduces postoperative blistering.

Easy to use
The three-part release film ensures precise and secure placement of the wound dressing without wrinkles forming, the edges peeling off or a new dressing having to be applied.

Thanks to the patented flex technology, Mepilex® Border Flex can move in any direction, which means the Reduces stress on the skin and increases comfort. This also prevents slipping.

Up to 2.2 times better exudate absorption and retention compared to other tested foam dressings with adhesive edges.

The Exudate Progress Monitor allows objective assessment and documentation of exudate distribution without disrupting wound healing.

For use on a variety of exuding wounds

*When a reduction or unloading protocol is used **Available in 15 x 15 cm and 15 x 20 cm
***In vitro studies