MESH NEBULAIZER for inhalations in Babies and Children / MESH NEBULAIZER AGU N7 Minimill

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MASH NEBULIZER AGU N7 Minimill is an innovative inhalation device designed for babies and children in the treatment of colds and respiratory diseases.

The particle size of MMAD 4-5 μm allows direct action of the drug in the focus of the disease in the trachea and / or bronchi. MESH NEBULAIZER for inhalations in Babies and Children.

Active Vibrating Mesh technology provides a high level of drug delivery in the airways, ensuring a minimum residual volume of solution in the nebulizer and allows to achieve higher values ​​of drug concentration in the lungs than conventional jets. and an ultrasonic inhaler (without mesh technology), which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of treatment.

MESH NEBULAIZER AGU N7 Minimill Advantages:

- The speed of spraying the drug solution (more than 0.35 ml / min) helps to speed up the procedure than usual - so the child tolerates inhalation slightly.

- Compact and light - extremely convenient for use at home and when traveling. It is easily and seamlessly transported. There is a convenient storage bag.

-Battery operation - 2 AA (1.5 V) - wireless operation allows the use of the nebulizer at any time and in any place.

-Convenient and easy to use

- The mesh nebulizer is completely silent - it does not scare children

- Beautiful design, resembling a toy

- Children's mask and cup with mouthpiece


MESH Nebulizer AGU N7



Method of work

Technology Active vibrating membrane

Power supply

AA batteries 2 pieces (included in the set)

Adapter (not included)



Oscillation frequency

Approximately 117 kXz +/- 15%

Dusting speed

> 0.35ml / min

Particle size

MMAD (average aerodynamic particle size of the aerosol) 4-5 micrometers

Sprayer capacity

6 ml.

The size

76.5mm length x 41mm width x 73mm height


74 grams without batteries

Warranty - 2 years