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METEO LOGIC eye contour care eye care organic

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METEO LOGIC Eye Contour Care Organic Eye Care

For a radiant look
The combination of carefully selected active ingredients soothes dark circles and plumps the skin so that small laugh lines and crows' feet are less noticeable. The moisturizing ingredients of our eye contour care smooth the epidermis and ensure a balanced moisture balance so that traces of tiredness disappear. Alga-Gorria ®, our patented, antioxidant red algae extract protects the skin cells from environmental influences (stress, air pollution, ...) and prevents premature skin aging. Thanks to its vascular protective properties, quinoa extract reduces dark circles. Mineral pigments hide wrinkles and crow's feet. The refreshing cream gel texture is combined with the calming effect of bio-alpha-bisabolol and provides a new sense of well-being in the sensitive skin region.

We love this product
• ... because of its light and delicate texture, which was developed for the sensitive skin of the eye region
• ... because it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive (it has been successfully dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers tested)
• ... ensuring that it was made without fragrances.

• 15 mL pump dispenser
• Airless enables complete recycling of the product and a minimal amount of preservatives
• Recyclable Instructions for

use Gently apply
to the cleansed skin around the eyes in the morning and / or evening.
For an even better result, you can keep the product in the refrigerator.

Active ingredients
• Alga Gorria ® : Patented extract from the red alga Gelidium sesquipedale. A unique, antioxidant radical scavenger that protects cells and prevents premature skin aging by effectively neutralizing free radicals.
• Quinoa extract: Has a vascular protective effect, prevents the formation of new blood vessels and maintains the elasticity of the skin. Relieves dark circles and ensures a radiant look.
• Organic * aloe vera: moisturizes, protects and soothes.
• Natural alpha-bisabolol: soothes skin irritations and reduces uncomfortable skin feelings.
• Sodium hyaluronate: belongs to the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF), the natural moisturizing factors. Keeps the water in the skin and forms a reservoir of moisture on the surface of the skin.
• Caring active ingredient complex: consisting of organic * plum oil, botanical squalene and essential fatty acids (linoleum and linoleic acids): Relaxes, improves the elasticity of the skin, protects against climatic stimuli
• Bio * -Glycerin: Moisturizes the skin and provides moisture (through a hygroscopic effect).

* Organic and ecological cosmetics, certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT reference system