METEO LOGIC Moisturizing Cream Body Organic

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METEO LOGIC Moisturizing Cream Body Bio

Pack size:200 ml Dosage form:cream

The organic certified * METEO LOGIC body cream gives the skin everything it needs every day: intensive moisturizing, protection against premature skin aging and against aggressive environmental influences. Active ingredients of marine origin, including our patented radical scavenger Alga-Gorria ® , form a protective shield for your skin cells. Your skin is hydrated, strengthened and protected, making it a little more beautiful every day, feeling more relaxed and giving it a healthy glow.

We love this product ...
• ... because of its rich and creamy texture
• ... because it provides the skin with long-lasting moisture
• ... for its delicious, naturally produced fragrance
• ... because it can be perfectly applied to both dry and moist skin after showering. Instructions for

• Apply to dry or damp skin.
• Massage gently with your fingertips.

• 200 mL pump dispenser
• Airless enables complete utilization of the product and a minimal amount of preservatives
• Recyclable

Active ingredients
• Alga-gorria ® : Our patented extract from the red alga Gelidium sesquipedale. A unique, antioxidant radical scavenger that protects cells and prevents premature skin aging by effectively neutralizing free radicals.
• Red algae extract (Rissoella verruculosa): Strengthens the skin's own protective barrier and improves resistance by activating the skin cells' natural defense mechanisms against climatic stimuli (heat, cold, dryness, wind, ...).
• Bio * -Glycerin: Moisturizes the skin and provides moisture (through a hygroscopic effect).
• Nourishing active ingredient complex: organic * karité butter, organic * coconut oil, organic * jojoba oil and essential fatty acids (linoleum and linoleic acid): Supports the rebuilding of the skin's own protective barrier in order to maintain the moisture balance and thus protect the skin from external influences can protect.

* Organic and ecological cosmetics, certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT reference system.