MICRO IMMUNE fish 200 g essential fatty acids, vitamins

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Micro Immun Fisch essential fatty acids, vitamins

Natural supplementary feed essential fatty acids, vitamins for fish
For a safe and balanced supply of natural vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients. With a particularly high proportion of beta-glucans, which are nutritionally helpful for high immunity.

Expert tip for fish farmers:
The willingness to spawn is massively increased due to dietary reasons! Nutritional
MICRO IMMUNE fish essential fatty acids, vitamins areas of application:
• Support of the stomach and intestinal condition
• Balanced young animal development
• Improved feed utilization •
Optimal all-round supply

MICRO IMMUNE fish essential fatty acids, vitamins Optimal supply with:
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• Complete complex of essential trace elements and vitamins

MICRO IMMUNE fish essential fatty acids, vitamins Composition:
Algae lime, brewer's yeast, brown algae, fruit extracts, natural mineral complexes, carrots.

Content of natural ingredients:
crude protein 17.5%, crude fat 2.0%, sodium 0.7%, crude fiber 3.5%, crude ash 40.9%, phosphorus 1.0%, calcium 13.5%, magnesium 2.0%

synthetic additives per kg: NO

MICRO IMMUNE fish essential fatty acids, vitamins feeding
recommendation : 

add 1 - 2 measuring spoons per 50g of fish feed daily (based on dry matter) or add 2% of the total amount to the feed.

MICRO essential fatty acids, vitamins IMMUNE fish Herbalism:
Algae lime: purely natural source of calcium, magnesium and many other important micronutrients and trace elements
Brewer's yeast: rich in natural B vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids, probiotic and digestive effects, improved nutrient and vital substance absorption in the intestine, binds toxins and pathogens, supports the mucous protective barrier of the intestine and its non-specific immune system
Brown algae: contain all essential minerals and trace elements as well as in high concentration vitamins, essential fatty acids and alginates of natural mineral complexes: bind toxins, excess protein and pathogens, relieve the liver, kidneys and immune system
carrots: are rich in fiber (important for intestinal peristalsis), minerals (especially selenium) and fat-soluble b- Carotene, the precursor of retinol (vitamin A), regulates digestion

MICRO IMMUNE essential fatty acids, vitamins fish Expert tip:
How beta-glucans and trace nutrients work. "How can I counteract stress-related problems?" Beta-glucans are obtained from cell fragments of certain yeast cells and serve the fish as micronutrients. These micronutrients primarily stabilize the immune system, but also have a positive effect on cell regeneration. The use of glucans greatly increases the amount of macrophages. These macrophages have the task of recognizing contamination from endoparasites and eliminating them. The immune system is particularly stressed in stressful situations and in “monoculture” situations. cdVet Micro Immune Fish contains, among other things, beta-glucans and can therefore reduce the risk of disease outbreaks due to dietary reasons and a lower mortality rate can be achieved. Thanks to its sophisticated recipe, cdVet Micro Immune Fish has been developed with the aim of intensively promoting the immune system due to nutritional requirements and, through a balanced supply of trace amounts and micronutrients, to prevent deficiency situations in a safe way. This is achieved WITHOUT the addition of synthetic vitamins, so that the detoxification organs are relieved.