Microlife NC100 contactless thermometer


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Electronic contactless thermometer Microlife NC100 with a large, easy to read LCD display. A very useful device for everyone, not just parents of young children. Accurate measurement of body or object temperature in just a few seconds.

Technical specifications: weight: 81g (with batteries), 56g (without batteries); dimensions: 150 x 40 x 39 mm; measurement range: body temperature measurement: 34.0-42.2st C (93.2-108.8 ° F), object temperature measurement: 0-100.0 ° C C (32-222.0 degrees F) (measurement accuracy: under laboratory conditions: +/- 0.2 degrees C, 36.0-39.0 degrees C (+/- 0.4 degrees F, 96.8- 102.2st F). Power supply - battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries.

Contactless thermometer Action:
The high-quality NC100 electronic thermometer with a large backlit LCD screen is a product that meets international standards, developed according to the latest technology, which guarantees precise temperature measurement, independent of other heat sources. It is an intelligent device that performs a self-check after each start-up, which ensures the precision of the measurement. It is carried out using IR rays, thanks to which it does not require direct contact with the measuring object, making it safe and hygienic. The device has a multifunctional application due to the wide measuring range. Precise measurement is just one of the advantages of the thermometer. Sound signals inform about readiness of the device for operation and about the end of the measurement (fever alarm), importantly, the thermometer automatically turns off 1 minute after the last temperature measurement. The device stores 30 measurements and automatically shows the last measurement. The thermometer is packed in a protective case.

Application Contactless thermometer:
The Microlife NC100 non-contact thermometer is designed for measuring body temperature, as well as bottle milk, bath water temperature and ambient temperature.

Contactless thermometer Additional information:
Clinically tested. Two-year warranty.

Usage: Use the
thermometer as intended. Read the package leaflet before use.