MIDRO laxative herbal tea

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Midro laxative herbal tea

Pack size:48 Dosage form:tea

Midro tea is a herbal stimulant laxative.

Areas of application:
For short-term use in case of constipation (constipation).
If constipation lasts longer than a week, see a doctor.
What MIDRO laxative herbal tea contains:
1 measuring spoon (1.6 g tea) contains:
Active substance: 1-1.2 g senna leaves, cut, adjusted to 30 mg
hydroxyanthracene derivatives, calculated as sennoside B.
Other MIDRO laxative herbal tea ingredients:
Caraway seeds, cut
licorice root, cut
peppermint leaves, cut
blossoms, cut strawberry leaves, cut
Type MIDRO laxative herbal tea of application:
Unless otherwise prescribed, two options can be selected as the form of
1. The medicinal tea can be made with cold or lukewarm water
, poured off after 20 minutes and drunk
. It can be sweetened to taste.
2. The medicinal tea can be
swallowed with plenty of liquid (1 glass of water) . After swallowing, the mouth should be
rinsed out with water.
Midro tea is best taken in the evening. The effect
occurs after approx. 8-12 hours.
Duration MIDRO laxative herbal tea of use:
The drug should not be taken for more than a week and not in
higher doses (more than 1 measuring spoon per day)
. Usually it is sufficient to take Midro tea two to
three times a week.
Consult a
doctor if constipation lasts longer than 1 week .