MILBENEX bed hygiene insecticide spray 500 ml

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MILBENEX bed hygiene insecticide spray 

MitbenEx bed hygiene, repellent
repellent, insecticide

For combating mites in mattresses.
With active ingredient from the leaves of the palmarosa geranium grass + lemon eucalyptus.

casaCare MitbenEx bed hygiene was developed for the optimal hygiene that goes hand in hand with the human need for cleanliness and cleanliness in the sleeping area. The effectiveness of our geraniol-based spray has been proven in an extensive series of tests. Thanks to its combination of essential oils, casaCare MitbenEx bed hygiene meets the requirements of an alternative to the usual toxic biocides.

MILBENEX bed hygiene insecticide spray 

- contains the unique herbal active ingredient geraniol
- quick onset of action
- biodegradable
- no resistance build-up possible
- maximum protection against mites
- drives away annoying parasites and prevents renewed infestation
- pleasant scent thanks to essential oils

MILBENEX bed hygiene insecticide spray Composition:
Eucalyptus citriodora Oil; Active ingredient: Geraniol baua Reg No. N-47790, N-49507 Use

biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.