MILGAMMA mono 50 vitamin B1 deficiency

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milgamma ® mono 50 vitamin B1 deficiency coated tablets

active ingredient: benfotiamine 50 mg.

Areas of application: Therapy or prophylaxis of clinical vitamin B1 deficiencies, if these cannot be remedied nutritionally; Treatment of neuropathies and cardiovascular Sturgeon, d. caused by vitamin B1 deficiency.

For vitamin B1 deficiency information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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milgamma ® mono 50 vitamin B1 deficiency
for vitamin B1 deficiency

milgamma ®mono 50 contains vitamin B1 for the nerve cells. The unique active ingredient benfotiamine, a variant of vitamin B1, is absorbed by the body 5 times better than conventional vitamin B1. For the treatment and prophylaxis of vitamin B1 deficiencies.

vitamin B1 deficiency milgamma ® mono 50 - For vitamin B1 deficiency:
• To compensate or prevent a vitamin B1 deficiency
• 50 mg BENFOTIAMIN, vitamin B1 precursor, which can be absorbed particularly well by the body
• BETTER ABSORPTION Benfotiamine is 5 times better than Body absorbed than conventional vitamin B1 preparations
• Well tolerated
• Lactose and gluten free