MILK-Modelling Firming Body 250ml, skin toning cream

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  • Milk firming and modeling to the body with olive oil and jojoba, it is extremely gentle, nourishing cosmetic care, which includes two active ingredients Adiposlim and Adipoless. After applying the cream, the skin is supple and well-nourished.

Aloe vera and shea butter, Adiposlim, Adipoless, olive oil, jojobaAction: Milk firming and modeling, it is cosmetic, whose daily use, affects the behavior of the beautiful lines of the body and maintain the desired firmness. The composition comprises a natural organic components, which very finely, and at the same time very effectively interfere with the function of fat. Adiposlim, reduces the number of adipocytes and reduces storage capacity by the fat cells and Adipoless prevents the accumulation of fat reserves under the skin.In addition, milk particularly cares for and nourishes the skin all over the body due to the presence of aloe and shea butter beneficial.Applications: Milk firming and modeling, is recommended for daily care of the whole body in need of firmness and flexibility. In addition, the formulation provides exceptional skin moisturizing and nourishing. To use: Apply morning and evening.