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Milk replacer for puppies, cats, puppies milk replacement, Milvet 300 g bottle + pacifier


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Milvet Milk replacer, Milk replacer for puppies, cats, puppies milk replacement 300 g bottle + pacifier


Milk replacer for puppies, cats, puppies milk replacement:

Complete milk replacer perfectly replaces natural mother's milk. Provides easily digestible protein and easily digestible fat. Giving milk replacer to lactating bitches and cats helps increase their own milk production. It provides puppies and kittens with the necessary energy, vitamins and building blocks for development. The preparation meets the mineral and vitamin needs of growing puppies and kittens. It is very well absorbed by animals and can be administered immediately after birth.

Use Milk replacer for puppies, cats, puppies milk replacement

: Administer in case of:
- insufficient amount of milk secreted by the mother
- rearing puppies and kittens without the mother's participation
- as an addition to food during weaning
- for adult dogs and cats during convalescence and intense exercise

Determine the portion of the preparation in accordance with the table on the packaging. Pour one portion of the preparation into the bottle and then add two portions of boiled water at a temperature of approx. 60°C - proportion 1:2. Mix vigorously. Cool to 37°C. Store the prepared milk between meals at +2°C-+8°C. Once prepared, store for no longer than 24 hours. For the first 15 days of life, feed through a pacifier and then try to give it to drink from a bowl. After the 4th week of life, when animals are gradually transitioning to solid food, add powder to the food.