Milk thistle oil 100ml


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  • Milk thistle oil EkaMedica, a natural comprising 100% oil of seeds of Milk food supplement which beneficially affects the function of the liver and the digestive processes occurring in the body.

100% oil from milk thistle. The energy value of 100 g 837 kcal (3506 kJ) Protein 0 g, 0 g carbohydrate, fat, about 98 g - of which unsaturated fatty acids of about 55 g, sodium 0 mg, dietary fiber of about 1 g, about 60 mg of silymarin

oil Milk thistle EkaMedica comprises 100% natural, unrefined, cold-pressed and unfiltered oil. Milk typhus and is highly regarded and is known throughout the world raw material which contains silymarin - preferably a substance affecting the function of the liver, digestive system, and the optimum level of cholesterol in the blood. Milk also includes toksyfoliny, quercetin, tyramine, histamine, mucus, organic acids and vitamin C, K and phytosterols, tannins, linoleic acid and minerals.

oil Milk thistle EkaMedica, supports liver, regulate digestive activity by increasing the secretion of gastric juice improves appetite.

eat cold directly to 1 teaspoon a day