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Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN-Pharma Hair loss 50 mg / ml spray

Pack size:3X60 ml Dosage form:solution

Active ingredient: Minoxidil

App .: Androgenet. Alopecia b. Men.

Ent .: propylene glycol. Note leaflet.

For Hair loss information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Hair loss?
You can do something about it.

Prevent progressive, hereditary hair loss in good time with Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN ® .

Full hair is a sign of beauty, health and wellbeing. It is not uncommon, however, that the hair thins out. The most common cause of this is inheritance (androgenetic alopecia).
The good news: you can stop this hereditary hair loss. Scientific studies show that the proven active ingredient Minoxidil is achieving promising results.

It is normal to lose hair.
Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN ® gives your hair what it needs for healthy growth.

Everyone's hair falls out every day. But about 100 hairs grow back per day. You can lose 100 hairs all over your head every day, this is completely normal. So don't be alarmed if you find hair on your pillow after waking up or in the sink after brushing.

Notice signs in good time
If, however, your hair becomes lighter and thinner over a longer period of time, it can actually be a hereditary hair loss in which the hair no longer grows back. You should have this examined. In men this can be seen, for example, on the receding hairline, in women more on the top of the head when combing a parting. Your doctor can tell you whether it is hereditary hair loss or other causes. Perhaps your parents or grandparents experienced similar hair loss.

How does hair loss come about in the first place?
Hair loss can result from a variety of causes - and only a doctor can pinpoint these exactly. Illnesses, poor nutrition, medication or psychological reasons such as stress can lead to the hair becoming increasingly loose. However, 80% of the time, it's just heredity - just like your eye color.

It starts very slowly.
Little by little, the blood vessels that supply your hair with nutrients recede. This atrophies the hair roots in which your hair grows. The growth phase is shortened, the resting phase becomes longer. Your hair will have less time to grow. They become shorter, weaker, less pigmented and lighter. At some point you will see that your hair is going to be thinning.

Hereditary hair loss in men:
Hair loss begins in the area of ​​the temples and the crown region, and the typical receding hairline develops. In the further course, the hair also thins on the back of the head (tonsure). Later, the hair-free zones connect with each other, so that a bald head is created. A wreath of hair is always retained.

early stage
In the case of hereditary hair loss, the causes cannot be treated. However, with Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN you can counteract the progression of hair loss. You will achieve particularly good results if you start the therapy at an early stage. Because with Minoxidil you stimulate the growth of your hair in light areas and strengthen the existing but weakened hair in the scalp.

Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN ® stops your hair loss
The scientifically recognized active ingredient Minoxidil expands your blood vessels and thus supports the supply of blood and nutrients to your hair. Existing hair is strengthened and the growth of new hair is stimulated. Hair quality improves and hair loss does not progress any further.

Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN can stop the course of your hereditary hair loss. The application is pleasantly easy thanks to the rotating spray head. After application, the solution penetrates the scalp and thus reaches the hair roots.

Effective therapy
It takes at least four months before you can see the first results. Fine, light downy hairs can grow back where hair roots are still present, which over time become longer, thicker and more clearly visible. How quickly hair growth starts and how much hair grows back varies. It is best to start therapy early.

Duration of application
If you use Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN regularly twice a day, you should see new hair after about four months. Your hair loss will stop sooner. New, thicker and stronger hair grows back. Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN only works with long-term use. Once you stop therapy, the hair loss continues.

The sheeding effect
Two to six weeks after the first application, there may initially be increased hair loss. This is normal because your weakened hair makes way for new hair. In addition, this is an indication that the effect is starting. The reason for this is the activation of numerous hair follicles in the resting phase (see hair cycle above). These begin their growth phase with the minoxidil treatment and repel hair that is no longer supplied.

How does Minoxidil BIO-H-TIN ® work ?
Through direct external application, the active ingredient minoxidil reaches the hair follicle and thus the point at which the hair develops. There it actively stimulates the hair growth process. Therapy with Minoxidil achieves measurable success: