MIRFULAN Hydrolind cream 50 ml atopic dermatitis infant

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Mirfulan ® Hydrolind cream, atopic dermatitis infant
for children and infants from one month

atopic dermatitis flare -up? Treat early - avoid cortisone!

In order to treat an acute flare-up, atopic dermatitis sufferers sometimes have no choice but to use a cortisone supplement. Now there is something new from the specialists for sore children's skin: Mirfulan Hydrolind Cream.

Mirfulan Hydrolind Creme, atopic dermatitis infant:
- forms a moisture reservoir on the skin
- stabilizes the skin barrier
- protects against the penetration of external stress factors
- reduces inflammatory reactions in the skin
- equally suitable for adults, children and babies from one month.

Mirfulan ® Hydrolind cream, atopic dermatitis infant Treat quickly - if possible as soon as the first signs appear - is the motto when an atopic dermatitis attack is on the horizon! Used at an early stage, Mirfulan Hydrolind Cream mitigates the symptoms of an atopic dermatitis flare-up and can thus reduce the use of cortisone preparations or even avoid them altogether.