MITBENEX ear cleaner dogs, cats Citriodiol 20 ml

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MITBENEX ear cleaner dogs, dog, cats, Citriodiol . MitbenEx ear cleaner is a composition of essential oils to ward off ear mites and to clean and care for irritated and sensitive external ear canals in dogs, cats and other pets.

MITBENEX ear cleaner Citriodiol dogs, cats:

• with purely plant-based ingredients
• quick and easy to use
• dermatologically tested
• suitable for young dogs, puppies and cats
• long-term effective, as no resistance to this repellent possible
• fresh scent
• removes mites from the ear

Ear mites are an uncomfortable problem for our pets. The mites like to nest in the outer ear canal and the inner auricle. An infestation can be recognized by the often severe itching. The animals often shake their heads and can even scratch their heads with blood. Furthermore, large amounts of reddish-brown to black ear wax develop. If the mites are not driven away in time, secondary bacterial infections can occur. MitbenEx ear cleaner fends off these pests without unnecessarily burdening the organism with synthetic toxins.


MITBENEX ear cleaner Citriodiol  for dogs, cats active ingredient: Citriodiol 100g / l
Registration number: N-66988


MITBENEX ear cleaner dogs, cats, Citriodiol Recommended use:

Keep the head of the animal slightly lowered (direction of the ear canal) and, depending on the size of the animal, put 1 - 3 splashes of MitesEx ear cleaner into the outer ear canal every day. The cleaning and care effect can be further improved by carefully massaging. The gently loosened dirt and ear wax is then shaken out by the animal on its own.

MITBENEX ear cleaner dogs, cats, Citriodiol  Duration of use: 3 weeks once a day, then 1 - 2 times a week until improvement

. Shake before use. Storage at room temperature (15-25 ° C).

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Store child-safe! Avoid eye contact!