MOBILAT gel 50g haematoma treatment, hematoma cure


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  • Mobilat gel is used to treat traumatic articular changes and hematomas; the treatment in the states overload the muscles and tendons and pain occurring during movement.

MOBILAT gel haematoma treatment, hematoma cure Ingredients:
100 g of ointment / gel comprises 2.0 g salicylic acid 1.0 g of the adrenal cortex extract (containing 20 mg of adrenal steroids), 0.2 g of polysulfated mukopolisacharydowego (heparynoid.)


The formulation used synergistic action of the individual components . Anti-inflammatory effects of salicylic acid and adrenal cortex extract mainly by inhibiting prostaglandins biosynthesis and release of lysosomal enzymes and other inflammatory mediators.

Furthermore, from the adrenal cortex extract inhibits capillary permeability, exerting anti-exudative, and salicylic acid - with a keratolytic properties - facilitates the absorption of active substances through the skin.

Polyphenyl mukopolisacharydowy, acting as an inhibitor of catabolic enzymes that inhibit the degradation of tissue. As a result of the activation of plasminogen, and the effects of anticoagulation it accelerates the elimination of fibrin tissue inflamed.

Furthermore, polyphenyl mukopolisacharydowy stimulates metabolism mesenchymal cells, contributing to rapid regeneration of damaged tissues. After topical application formulation the active ingredients penetrate into the underlying tissues under the skin, exerting analgesic and anti-edema.


Gel: treatment of traumatic articular changes and hematomas; treatment in the states overload the muscles and tendons and pain occurring during movement.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation. Do not use the product on the skin, breast-feeding women. Exceptionally be used with caution in patients with chickenpox, vaccination reactions, fungal and bacterial infections of the skin (eg.

Change syphilis, tuberculosis) or other specific skin lesions, infants and young children, as well as long-term and large areas of skin in patients with impaired kidney. Used with caution in pregnant (do not use on large areas of skin).Do not use on open wounds, eyes and mucous membranes.

Undesirable effects:

Local irritation of the skin, rarely - allergic reactions.In the case of large areas or long-term must reckon with the general operation of the product.

MOBILAT gel haematoma treatment, hematoma cure Dosage:

Apply 5-15 cm ointment (gel) on the affected areas 1-3 times a day, gently massaging the skin. The ointment can also be used in the occlusive dressings (the dose may be increased ointments) or in combination with physical therapy.

Seats treated with the gel does not cover the dressing. The gel can also be used in combination with physical therapy - iontophoresis, phonophoresis, and (in the case of iontophoresis the gel is fed into the cathode).