Mobile MoliCare super-absorbent underpants size L x 14 pieces


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  • Molicare mobile. Incontinence is a serious ailment that can effectively interfere with normal, everyday functioning. The solution is absorbent pants MoliCare Mobile cool. L size: waist circumference - 100cm, waist circumference - 150cm.

absorbent pants MoliCare Mobile have a super contribution with a higher degree of absorbency. Except that the cartridge is extremely absorbent is protected in the form of a layer Dry Plus, which directs the moisture inside and does not allow moisture to the skin. The superabsorbent particles from CyDex allows you to get rid of odors. In addition, the inner side tabs and the elastic protect against leakage at the sides. An undoubted advantage is the appearance of panty normal underwear and possibility of self-installation and removal by the patient. Soft non-woven cares about the comfort of the skin and makes it easier to cut modernized to adapt to the shape of the body and makes it difficult to see the panties under his clothes.

MoliCare Mobile Super absorbent pants to be used in the problem of incontinence. Recommended especially for those hyperactive and mobile patients who continue to lead an active lifestyle.

Additional information:
Keep out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

For use as intended.