Molekin Ponds + Bones 60 capsules + 30 sachets


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  • The Molekin Stawy + Bones dietary supplement consists of 30 sachets containing, among others, collagen hydrolyzate and vitamin C and 60 capsules with chondroitin and plant extracts, the recommended daily dose is one sachet and two capsules.

Ingredients Molekin Joints + Bones:

Ingredients of the sachet: collagen hydrolyzate, acidity regulator: citric acid, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), aroma, sweetener: steviol glycosides, menaquinone-7 (vitamin K), red beet juice powder, cholecalciferol (vitamin D), substance filler: xylitol, pigment: riboflavin. Contains sweeteners.

The content of ingredients in one sachet (recommended daily dose): vitamin D - 50mcg (1000% RWS), vitamin C - 200mg (250% RWS), vitamin K - 75mcg (100% RWS), beef collagen hydrolyzate - 10g.
RWS - reference intake value.

Ingredients of the capsule: long-creamy catfish extract (Curcuma longa) *, capsule ingredient: gelatin, chondroitin sulphate, incense extract (Boswellia serrata) *, zinc sulfate, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids, black pepper extract (Pipernigrum) *, dyes: E172, E171. (* component of the Colmeric formula).

The content of ingredients in two capsules (recommended daily dose): zinc - 15mg (150% RWS), longcurrent extract - 200mg, including: curcumin - 190mg; chondroitin sulphate - 100mg, extract from incense - 92mg, including: Boswellic acid - 60mg; black pepper extract - 3.2mg, including: piperine - 3mg.
RWS - reference intake value.

Molekin action Joints + Bones:

Molekin Pond + Dice Dietary Supplement is recommended to supplement the diet with substances that support healthy bones and properly functioning joints, contains a unique Colmeric formula, i.e. extracts of turmeric and black pepper in appropriate proportions. The sachets use as much as 10g collagen hydrolyzate, which is characterized by good bioavailability. Collagen is a building block of the cartilage matrix, it also occurs in tendons and other tissues. In addition, collagen supplements: vitamin C (supports the proper production of collagen) and vitamin D and K (microencapsulated K2 MK7 ensuring high stability), which help maintain bone health. Capsules contain, among others Boswellic acid, which supports joint flexibility and helps keep them in good condition. Curcumin extracted from long-breast turnip helps keep bones and joints healthy, while piperine increases the absorption of curcumin. Zinc, as well as vitamin K and D, helps keep the bones in good condition.

Molekin dietary supplement Ponds + Bones intended for use in adults as a supplement to the daily diet in ingredients that support the proper functioning of joints and bones. Recommended for people who are active physically and actively doing sports, for the elderly, people who are overweight, and also for women during menopause.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the supplement. Do not use in the case of tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, certain types of lymphomas, obstruction of the bile duct, cholangitis, cholelithiasis and other biliary diseases.

How to use Molekin Joints + Bones:

Recommended daily serving: one sachet and two capsules. Capsules should be washed down with water. Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 200ml of water and drink. Take after eating a meal. It is recommended to use for at least 3 months to obtain beneficial effects. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.