MoliCare Mobile light absorbent pants size L x 60 pieces


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  • MoliCare Mobile. For problems with urinary incontinence for each key is to maintain discretion. This type of absorbent briefs offer comfort MoliCare Mobile light that well fulfill their function and, in addition, they look like normal panties.

In appearance like normal underwear briefs light absorbent MoliCare Mobile is a way for people with incontinence to maintain an active lifestyle. The absorbent body Dry Plus protects the skin against moisture, the superabsorbent particles CyDex stops odor. The outer part of the contribution of a soft non-woven fabric, which is pleasant and safe for the skin. The manufacturer also thought to protect against leakage at the sides of the panties by providing the elastic and the inner side folds. Anatomically facilitates adapting to the shape of the body, which makes the briefs are not visible under clothing. The product is self-installing and removing the patient what mobile means for great comfort. L size: waist circumference - 100cm, waist circumference - 150cm.

MoliCare Mobile light absorbent pants recommended for active, hyperactive and patients who have problems with urinary incontinence.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children, in a dry place.

Wear exactly like traditional pants.