MoliCare Mobile light absorbent pants size M x 14 pieces


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  • MoliCare Mobile. Absorbent underpants MoliCare Mobile light in size M will fit on people with dimensions: hip circumference - and abdominal circumference 80cm - 120cm. Panties look like traditional underwear, provided that are equipped with an absorbent core.

diapers very discreet and comfortable to look like a normal panty MoliCare Mobile light. They are a great option for people who remain active and independent, but they have a problem with incontinence. The fact that the patient can be put on and take off like regular underwear, allows him to independently use the toilet. In addition, it gives the impression of comfort and wear normal underwear. He is responsible for the absorption layer pants Dry Plus, which protects the skin against moisture. The superabsorbent particles from CyDex eliminates odors. External soft nonwoven while cares about the comfort of the skin when using the product. The elastic tabs and the lateral inner side inhibit urine leakage. Much modernized, more anatomical cut pants affects their better fit to the body, and this makes them invisible under clothing.

MoliCare Mobile light absorbent pants recommended for people suffering from incontinence, which are hyperactive or remain active

Additional information:
The product stored in a dry place, out of reach of children.

Wear like normal underwear.