MoliCare Premium Extra Soft diapers size L x 30 pieces


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  • MoliCare Premium. Diapers recommended for people with severe incontinence of urine and stool. Product MoliCare Premium Extra Soft is an extremely absorbent and has numerous security against leakage of urine. L size: waist circumference - 120, abdominal circumference - 150cm.

Very easy to use diapers MoliCare Premium Extra Soft with comfortable and durable fastening. The outer surface of the product is made of laminate imitating a soft cloth, which resembles an ordinary underwear, and does not rustle. An absorbent pad is coated with a layer Dry Plus, which retains moisture there. Unpleasant odors are neutralized by a special superabsorbent particles containing CyDex. The diaper pants are skin-friendly, in a batch hip applied with a soft nonwoven, which allows air circulation. This product is also suitable for patients fecal incontinence, including the internal tabs located on the back pockets create special. The entire absorbent core is surrounded by tabs protect from leaking sideways. Diaper through the anatomical shape fit to the body and closely adjacent.

MoliCare Premium Extra Soft diapers especially recommended for people with skin problems. This is a product for patients hyperactive or requiring constant care, can be used even with severe incontinence and stool.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Method of use:
Use as intended.