MoliMed Premium midi absorbent cores x 14 pieces


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  • Molimed premium. MoliMed absorbent inserts in size midi Premium product is anatomically shaped, which, thanks to the contribution ultrachłonnemu provides effective protection for women who have a problem with light and moderate incontinence.

cartridges ultrachłonną layer Dry Plus, which retains moisture in the center of the cartridge, thereby preventing its contact with the skin. Additional reinforcement in the crotch guarantee maximum protection and safety. Dryness provides the use of a soft non-woven fabric on the entire surface of the absorbent core. The cartridges are comfortable to wear and a good fit, as are anatomically shaped and soft foam cuffs in the crotch.

MoliMed Premium midi absorbent cartridges recommended for use in mild to moderate urinary incontinence. Product for women after childbirth or after vaginal surgery.

Additional information:
The product stored in a dry place, out of reach of children.

Method of use:
Use as intended.