MOMEKORT, mometasone furoate, hay fever


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MOMEKORT, mometasone furoate, hay fever 50 µg/spray nasal spray suspension 140 adults

pack size:18g Dosage form:nasal spray

MOMEKORT, mometasone furoate, hay fever Momekort ®
For severe hay fever symptoms

Momekort 50 micrograms/spray nasal spray, suspension. For use in adults.

Active ingredient: mometasone furoate.

Areas of application: For use in adults for the symptomatic treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis, provided that the initial diagnosis of seasonal allergic rhinitis has been made by a doctor.

Warning: Contains Benzalkonium Chloride. Pharmacy only.

For MOMEKORT, mometasone furoate, hay fever  risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

The eyes are itching, the nose is tingling and the ability to concentrate leaves a lot to be desired - allergy sufferers already suspect it: the tormenting pollen season has begun. With the active ingredient mometasonfuroate, Momekort ® provides a quick remedy for annoying allergy and hay fever symptoms in the nose.

What is an allergy and how does it develop?
In the event of an allergy, our body's immune system reacts in a defensive manner to foreign substances that do not actually pose a health risk, such as pollen, house dust mites or animal hair. In order to get rid of these allergens, certain cells of the body's defense system, so-called mast cells, release the messenger histamine. This histamine is responsible for allergic symptoms.

Allergy symptoms
An allergy usually manifests itself through typical symptoms that can occur individually or together and to varying degrees. These include itching of the nose, runny nose, watery and burning eyes, exhaustion
, lack of concentration
or shortness of breath.

How does MOMEKORT, mometasone furoate, hay fever , Momekort ® work ?
Momekort ® contains mometasone furoate, a substance from the group of glucocorticoids
. The nasal spray containing cortisone has a local antiallergic/anti-inflammatory effect and thus counteracts the symptoms of an allergy in the nose. Momekort ®works almost exclusively locally and does not make you tired. Eye drops with the active ingredient azelastine (eg Azedil ® eye drops or Levocabastin ® eye drops) can be used as an additional treatment for allergic symptoms in the eyes.

Before using Momekort ® , an initial diagnosis of seasonal allergic rhinitis must be carried out by a doctor. Use from 18 years. To achieve the full therapeutic
benefit, Momekort ® should be applied once a day before the expected start of the pollen season and from then on regularly.

Treat hay fever early
Hay fever symptoms should be treated early. Otherwise there is a risk that the allergy will spread from the nose to the lower respiratory tract. This can lead to chronic bronchitis or allergic asthma. Doctors refer to this as a "change of floors". Early treatment can specifically counteract hay fever and noticeably improve the quality of life.

At a glance:
MOMEKORT, mometasone furoate, hay fever , Momekort ® 50 micrograms/spray nasal

For the treatment of the symptoms
of hay fever in adults (seasonal allergic rhinitis) if the hay fever was
initially diagnosed by a doctor.
• For adults
• Doesn't tire you out.
• No habituation effect