MOSQUITERUM spray aerosol 100ml, bug spray, best insect repellent


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  • Mosquiterum, is a modern, developed based on natural raw materials center, which effectively helps deter mosquitoes. Aerosol contains no harmful biocides and alcohol that is suitable for adults and children over one year of age.

Contains natural ingredients: oil, cottonseed oil, aloe vera, essential oils (oil of citronella oil, lemon grass and catnip olejeki), provitamin B5.

Mosquiterum, nowczesny is safe for human health preparation devoid of chemical irritants and insecticides. The composition of the find, natural and highly nutritious oils and essential oils - oil of citronella oil, lemon grass and catnip olejeki that create odor barrier against insects, in particular against mosquitoes, flies and meszkami.Utzymuje smell on the skin 2-3 hours. Preparation safe to use for children.

Mosquiterum spray, was created with a view to ensuring effective and natural skin protection during the summer, when mosquitoes and other insects become extremely annoying.

Cosmetics should be sprayed on the surface of the skin. In the case of applications potrzyby repeated every 2-3 hours.