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MUSTELA Bebe Body Lotion with Cold Cream Protective Cream 200ml

protective cream

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  • MUSTELA Bebe Body Lotion with protective cream for newborns, infants and children. Moisturizing lotion for dry, dehydrated skin or irritated skin (cold, wind, hard water).

lotion enriched with moisturizing sunscreen provides effective protection against external factors that may irritate the skin of newborns, infants and children. On the surface: it protects and strengthens the weak, the natural hydro-lipid layer of the skin. In depth: nourishing complex combining protective cream with ceramides helps to strengthen the skin from the inside of its natural defenses. Thanks to the double protective action, the skin is intensely moisturized, nourished and strengthened. Redness is reduced and itching relaxed. The skin becomes smooth and soft.How to use: Apply daily on dry and cleansed skin, paying particular attention to areas where it is more dry. The product designed to minimize the likelihood of allergic reactions.