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MUSTELA Stelatopia cream moisturizer 400ml

Laboratoires Expanscience

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  • MUSTELA Stelatopia cream for skin dry and atopic. The cream is designed for face and body of newborns, infants and children (no age limit).

It is recommended for the care of dry skin, atopic and prone to irritation. To use daily, as well as periods of worsening skin problems.

It nourishes, regenerates and restores dry skin, acting in two ways:
-uzupełnia lipids in the epidermis, thanks to the oil content of sunflower seeds rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids,
Creates lipid outer shell and soothes irritation due to the content of moisturizers and softeners,

How to use:

Apply 2 times a day to cleansed and dried skin.

the cream has been tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.