MUSTELA STELATOPIA Lotion intensively oiling 200ml

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  • MUSTELA STELATOPIA to care body lotion, which allows you to lubricate the skin and soothe the irritation occurring. Eliminates roughness and regenerates.

distillate of sunflower oil, carnauba wax, oil seed plum home, ceramide 3 and squalane

Balsam belongs to the broad category of skin care cosmetics. It is composed of essential fatty acids (distillate oil, sunflower seed oil plum home), that affect the reconstruction of an appropriate barrier of the epidermis and moisturize the skin. Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant retards aging of the skin and provides more flexibility.Carnauba wax protects against the ingress of harmful environmental factors. Ceramide and Squalene retain water and improve the hydration of the skin.

Use cosmetics for dry skin, sensitive, and this prone to allergies.

Lubricate the skin of the body after an earlier cleaning and drying, repeating function x 2/24. During use, avoid changes oozing.