MUSTELA Stelatopia milky oil d / bath 200ml

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  • MUSTELA Stelatopia milky bath oil for dry skin and atopic. Oil bath intended for the care of dry skin, atopic and prone to irritation.

It is recommended for use in neonates, infants and children (no age limit) during periods of exacerbation.

Milk bath oil STELATOPIA:
- gently cleanses the skin without irritating it, thanks to the content very gentle washing substances: phospholipids

-skutecznie protects the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, thanks to the content of natural plant oils and sunflower seed oil, which supports the synthesis of lipids,

-Immediately decreases unpleasant itching caused by dryness of the skin, thanks to moisturizing and nutrient content mitigating irritation (bisabolol contained in the essential oil of Roman chamomile for soothing properties).

How to use:
Add 2-3 nut oil to the bath water. Before starting mix water bath to obtain a milky consistency. After the bath, do not rinse the body with water, gently dry the skin with a towel (do not wipe), and then apply cream regenerating softener STELATOPIA.

Used regularly, milk bath oil STELATOPIA for the prevention of relapse occurrence of skin problems.

The product has been tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.