MYKOSERT spray for skin, athlete's foot treatment

Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH

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Mykosert ® spray for skin and athlete's foot treatment
solution with 2%

Pack size:30 ml Dosage form:solution

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nitrate Active ingredient: sertaconazole nitrate App .:
Pityriasis versicolor and b. Fungal infection. the skin caused by dermatophytes (e.g. athlete's foot).

Ent .:
propylene glycol and glycerin formal .

Note the usage information.

For athlete's foot treatment information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Mykosert ® spray stops skin and athlete's foot treatment

Mykosert ® spray at a glance
✔ stops skin and athlete's foot
✔ has a fungicidal (fungicidal) and fungistatic (inhibits further spread of fungus)
✔ hygienic alternative to cream
✔ active ingredient is quickly absorbed and washable
✔ spray evaporates without
leaving any stains ✔ relieves itching and inflammation
✔ very well tolerated

Mykosert ® is a widely effective treatment drug of skin and athlete's foot (tinea pedis) and other forms of skin fungus such as ringworm (tinea corporis) or bran fungus (Pityriasis versicolor).

Mykosert ®has an antifungal effect against the cause of the disease and, with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, also alleviates typical symptoms such as itching, burning, blisters and unpleasant smells of the skin.

Mykosert ® Spray effectively distributes the active ingredient via the capillary effect even under flakes of skin and in the area of ​​the nail edges. The solution evaporates without leaving any residue and does not leave any stains on surfaces such as bed linen, socks or the floor.

Mykosert ® Spray can also be sprayed into the shoes as part of an athlete's foot or nail fungus therapy in order to reduce the number of germs in the shoes. Mykosert ®In this way, spray can help to prevent renewed infection with athlete's foot.

As part of a nail fungus therapy with a suitable drug, an infection of the skin that often occurs at the same time should always be treated as well. Mykosert ® Spray is therefore also a good additional recommendation for the treatment of athlete's foot in patients with nail fungus.

Mykosert ® is available as a cream or spray and in recent years it has been recommended more and more frequently for fungal diseases of the skin. The reason for the popularity of Mykosert ® is the modern antifungal agent sertaconazole (hence the name: Myko-sert). Sertaconazole has a fungicidal and fungistatic effect. Mykosert ®kills the fungal pathogens in the skin and stops fungal growth. This allows the skin to regenerate and grow back healthily.

The provider of Mykosert ® is the foundation-supported Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH based in Bamberg.

4 Common Faulty Skin and athlete's foot treatment Mistakes To Avoid

Athlete's foot is contagious and won't cure without therapy. The longer the fungus is left untreated, the greater the risk of it spreading to toenails or other areas of the skin. Athlete's foot should therefore be treated early.

1. Symptoms are recognized too late or ignored
Even before the first skin changes can be seen, the fungus is usually noticeable through invisible signs. Fungal growth causes tension in the skin, which becomes noticeable as tingling, itching or a slight burning sensation.

Redness, cracks in the skin or blistering in the area between the toes are often mistaken for corns or pressure points. The faster you react, the less complicated the treatment is.

Often you can even smell the fungus: an unpleasant smell can be the first sign of a fungal disease. Because if the immune system of the skin is weakened by the fungus, certain bacteria can also multiply better.

2. Waiting too long before treatment
Fungal skin and athlete's foot should be treated as early as possible - i.e. at the first signs - because the longer the fungus remains untreated, the greater the risk of it spreading to other areas of the skin or to the toenails.

3. Softened skin is also moistened.
Fungal diseases are often accompanied by moist, softened skin - ideal growth conditions for the pathogens. In this case, the skin should not be additionally moistened with a cream, but rather kept dry during the treatment. The hygienic Mykosert ® alcohol-based spray is the right recommendation here.

4. Socks and towels are washed incorrectly
The risk of infection via the washing machine is often underestimated. In families and shared apartments, the fungus pathogens often spread through the laundry in the washing machine.

Linen, towels and duvet covers that come into contact with the infected skin areas should be washed separately and at a minimum of 60 ° C, or with special hygienic washers.

The provider of Mykosert ® is the foundation-supported Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH based in Bamberg.

Use of Mykosert ® Spray for skin and athlete's foot treatment
Mykosert ® Spray is sprayed onto the infected skin areas 1-2 times a day, depending on the severity of the infection.
The application takes place without touching the infected skin. There is no need to spread the solution with your fingers or an applicator. This makes it hygienic and easy to use.
The active ingredient is absorbed into the skin immediately after use. The effect remains waterproof for up to 48 hours like a protective shield against the fungus (depot effect).

The use of Mykosert ® Spray should be continued even after the symptoms have first subsided and should continue until the disease has completely healed.