NAILNER repair pen against onychomycosis 1op broken nail repair


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  • Nailner Stop nails ravaged by Fungal infection penetrates deeper into the nail and a patented combination of active ingredients creates an environment unfavorable to the development of dermatophytes.
The result is visible after the regrowth of the nail: the new nail will be healthy, regain its original appearance as growth (average growth rate of the nail in the foot is 1.5 mm / month). It is important to start treatment from the appearance of the first symptoms, the attack surface is limited: treatment will be shorter and nail quickly regain its aesthetic appearance. Ingredients: Ethyl Lactate, Acide Lactique, Callitris intratropica, Lavandula angustifolia, Melaleuca alternifolia Limonene, Aqua, geraniol, linalool

Tip: You should prune the damaged part of the nail as the new regrowth. How to use: - Before each use clean the nail (wash the paint if it is applied.) - Precision pin apply the product 2 times a day for the first 3-4 weeks. Then 1 application per day to the end of the cycle of regrowth of the nail. - The product dries within 1-2 minutes, you can then set up shoes (you can re-varnished nails, keeping in mind washing off it before the next use of the stick.) - Well domykać stick after each use. - trim the nail regrowth as nail clippers. - One Precision stick is sufficient for 300 applications.