NAILNER Spray 35ml nail spray fungal nail infection


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  • NAILNER is a modern preparation in the form of a spray, which, among others, thanks mleczanowi acetate acid mlekowemu contributes to the unfavorable environment for the development of fungus on the nail plate.

Ethyl Lactate, Acide Lactique, Callitris intratropica, Lavandula angustifolia, Melaleuca alternifolia Limonene, Aqua, geraniol, linalool

Spray has a unique formula and is the result of a modern approach to combating onychomycosis. Included in the composition of the active substances (e.g.,., Ethyl lactate, lactic acid) nasączają sprayed surface and create an environment which is not conducive to further control the growth and proliferation of the fungal cells. The product is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness.

It is used to prevent and treat onychomycosis.

To use:
Apply externally to clean nails (remove the nail polish). Spray the affected surfaces with a distance of 10-15 cm and leave for 1-2 minutes until dry. Repeat this x 2 / 24h for 4 weeks. Then apply x 1/24 until the rise of a new nail. As part of the prevention of onychomycosis use x 1/24.