Nanny electronic Bremed BD 3000, nanny services

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  • Nanny services. Nanny Bremed BD3000 is a mobile device, so that leaving the child for a moment out of sight, you will be sure that the baby is sleeping soundly and nothing it does not threaten. The model has a volume control and a range indicator.

The kit includes:
Transmitter BD3000
Receiver BD3000
Manual in Polish
Warranty Card
Proof of purchase (receipt or invoice)

Frequency: 40.665-695MHz
Maximum range: 200m (open area without obstacles)
Portable transmitter
Portable receiver
transmits the signal via radio
Adjustable volume on the
index are out of range of the receiver
Adjustable sensitivity of the signal transmitter
2 channels broadcasting to choose from to avoid interference
belt clip on the receiver and transmitter

Warranty: 2 years