NanoSilver prodiab powder spray 125ml

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NanoSilver prodiab powder spray 125ml

  • Nano silver. Innovative powder spray NanoSilver prodiab, primarily consisting of functionalized with silver ions and chlorhexidine creates a unique protective barrier on the wounded skin, thereby protecting against infection.


Composition NanoSilver prodiab powder spray 125ml:

SCX-Powder (a compound of silicon oxide functionalized with silver ions and chlorhexidine), kaolin, sodium hyaluronate, silica. Carrier gas: a mixture of propane-butane.

Chlorhexidine and functionalized with silver ions form a complex SCX, whose task is to protect the wound against infection. Powder NanoSilver prodiab allows penetration of oxygen to the skin, and also helps to retain water in it. Preparation of an environment conducive to the self-regeneration of the skin is especially important for skin lesions with effusion. Kaolin contained in the product improves the circulation and the absorption of the exudate is not without importance are cicatrising properties. Composition complements hyaluronic acid, whose presence contributes to the production of thin polymer layer at the application site, which has the task of tissue hydration. The product is characterized by a high degree of security, it can be used in children, pregnant women and persons with allergies.


NanoSilver prodiab powder spray 125ml Applications:


Medical device NanoSilver prodiab indicated as an adjunct in the treatment of various wounds, abrasions, light burns, skin lesions with effusion (eg. Diabetic foot syndrome).

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation.


How to use NanoSilver prodiab powder spray 125ml:


Clean and dry the skin, put a thin layer of powder exactly where skin damage. Do not massage. Apply two times a day.