Naproxen Plus Gel 50g, knee pain treatment, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis treatment, aching muscles

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  • This product by newer product Neoxen gel
  • Topical therapy: muscle and joint pain after injuries (bruises, sprains, tears, etc.). inflammatory soft tissue -zapalenie tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints; osteoarthritis.
1 g of gel contains 100 mg of naproxen (naproxenum).
Excipients: choline chloride, chloral hydrate, levomenthol, ethanol 96%, carbomer, trolamine, Nipaguard MPA, Winterminth 7201, purified water.
Dosage: Naproxen Plus should be applied topically to the skin 2 to 6 times a day at intervals of several hours. The amount of gel should be adjusted to the size of the affected site. Most once it is recommended to use gel strip length of about 4 cm. After application, the drug spread and gently massage until completely absorbed. After applying the medication, wash your hands, as long as the treatment does not affect them. It must not be cover dressings such as bandages or plasters.