Nasal Aspirator SOPELEK 2 , -1pc


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  • Nasal Aspirator. Sopelek 2 Aspirator for the nose is a safe, convenient and hygienic product that will help in the daily hygiene of the baby's nose. Thanks to the Sopelek aspirator, it is possible to remove non-invasively the impurities and secretions from the child's nose.

Sopride secretion aspirator consists of three parts:

  • nose tips with an absorbing filter
  • cylinder of the main breastpump
  • the mouthpiece allows pulling away.

Sopelek 2 Nasal aspirator, allows you to effectively and easily cleanse the toddler's nose from the retained secretion, which interferes with normal breathing. It restores the comfort of breathing, which is necessary for the well-being of the child. The use is very simple and non-invasive for the child's nasal mucosa. The tip is perfectly matched to the baby's nose and contains an absorbing filter.