Nasodren nasal spray 50 mg effective treatment of nasal and sinus cavities


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  • Nasodren nasal spray is responsible for the effective treatment of nasal and sinus cavities. It works udrażniająco and facilitates breathing. It helps to alleviate the pain.

Active ingredient - freeze dried powder forming a natural extract from fresh tubers of cyclamen. Each dose nasal spray contains 0.13 ml (2-3 drops) of the solution, or 1.3 mg of powder.

Nasodren nasal spray is a medical device, which contains a natural extract from fresh tubers of cyclamen. It helps to reduce the symptoms of rhinitis (nasal congestion impressions). It helps in cleansing the nose and sinuses of retained mucous secretion. As a result, it facilitates breathing and reduces facial pain / headache.Product Application Nasodren nasal spray makes it in about 2 hours there is a heavy outflow of accumulated mucus in the nose and paranasal sinuses. As a result, in a short time it helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of colds or sinus rhinitis.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

It is recommended to use a spray to relieve the symptoms of diseases of the nasal cavities and sinuses. Especially indicated for acute rhinosinusitis.

How to use:
Apply topically, intranasally. Aerosol apply x 1/24 to each nostril, at the same time of day, for about 2 hours before bedtime. The treatment should last about 7-10 days. It is acceptable, however, if necessary, lengthening it to 2 weeks.