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Na stres x 30 capsules

Fisher Farm Sp. z oo

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  • Na stres is responsible for the stimulation of the body and increase its vitality. Improves the working of the nervous system. Rejuvenates and relieves emotional tension. Increases resistance to stress.

Ashwagandha (Withania ashwagandha radix) Basil Asian (Ocimi Sancti folium), Indian Gooseberry (Emblicae officinale fructus), asparagus hyacinth (Asparagi racemosi rhizomae), Shilajit (Mumio)

Nastres a preparation characterized by a complex, carefully selected composition. Ashwagandha is a source of so-called. witanolidów, or lactones steroidowów characterized by significant biological activity. Responsible for increasing the physical capacity of the body. Further enhances its adaptability, especially to stress. This contributes to increase the amount of hemoglobin, red blood cells and white blood cells. Exhibits antioxidant properties, protecting cells from free radicals. Basil Asian conducive to reducing stress and improves endurance. A source of antioxidants and other nutrients. It prevents and reduces the symptoms of various types of stress (eg. Mental, emotional and physical). The extract from the fruit of the Indian gooseberry is responsible for the reduction of lipid peroxidation. It increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes (SOD, CAT, GDx) and protects them. It is known as an extremely potent rejuvenating. It is considered the best source of natural vitamin C. Asparagus hyacinth contains iron and calcium. Reduces irritability and stress. Antioxidant properties. Mumio helps to maintain mental function at the appropriate level. Nastres is in the form of capsules for oral use.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

It is recommended to use the product in case of weakness, fatigue and exhaustion (especially related to stress and improper diet).

For oral use. It is recommended that a dose of 1-2 caps. X 2/24 hours for 2-4 weeks.