NASYA OIL, sesame oil, sesame oil benefits

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NASYA OIL, sesame oil 10ml, sesame oil benefits

Ayurvedic nose oil based on fine sesame oil. Cares for the skin of the nose and prevents it from drying out. According to Ayurveda, two to three drops a day are part of the daily routine.

sesame oil benefits:

  • High in antioxidants. ...
  • Has strong anti-inflammatory properties. ...
  • Good for your heart. ...
  • May help control blood sugar. ...
  • May help treat arthritis. ...
  • May help heal wounds and burns. ...
  • May protect against UV rays.
What's sesame oil good for?

Sesame oil is often used to saute meats and vegetables or is added to dressings and marinades. Sesame oil is believed to have some important health benefits, like providing heart-healthy fats, combating inflammation, and protecting skin from sun damage.

NASYA OIL, sesame oil 10ml, sesame oil benefits:

Ayurveda knows several types of aqueous, powdery, oily or other preparations for the nose. The use according to Ayurvedic tradition is called Nasya. According to Ayurveda, Nasya should be a regular part of the Ayurvedic routine and can be performed several times a day.

Maharishi Ayurveda Nasya oil for the care of the nasal skin is composed of a wealth of beneficial herbs, oils and spices. With vetiver, nut grass, cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood. In the 10 ml bottle as a practical companion for on the go and at home. Also available in the 50 ml filling.

With practical pipette for hygienic use. With matching screw cap.