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NATJUN 400% concentrated apple juice 400ml


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  • The absolute hit! A product that everyone was waiting for - Natjun 400% concentrated apple juice. You can specify it in three words - truly Polish delicacy. Uncontaminated dyes and amplifiers, just great.

Concentrated apple juice, pasteurized.

Polish apple is so strange that the market so far there was no such juice. Because what could be better than apple juice? Four concentrated apple juice. The company Natjun represents the essence of Polish apples. Valuing local Wielkopolska growers, Natjun supplies with them in the raw material of the highest quality.What to feel in the finished juice, which does not need preservatives, flavors and sugar, is a work of nature. It is necessary to mention that the apple rarely allergenic, so Natjun juice is also recommended for infants and allergy sufferers. Amateurs apple pies and baked apples, try and see that 400% concentrated juice is an explosion of flavor!Amateurs health but does not resist the salutary influence of apples on the gastrointestinal tract (fiber works wonders) and the nervous system and the heart (potassium). A apple pectin can help detoxify the body and stop cold.

Additional information:
Does not contain any dyes, preservatives, flavors and fragrances, above all, does not include an additional portion of sugar. The bottle can be stored in a cool, dry place, after opening necessarily in the refrigerator. Best drunk within 14 days.

Company Information:
Natjun is a company which was created by people with passion and enthusiasm revelatory. By choosing this brand we get a guarantee of the highest quality and great taste.

Country of origin of the raw material: Polish.

How to use:
Juice Natjun is concentrated four times, so if we want to prepare a glass of 100% apple juice to 200ml of water Pour 2-3 tablespoons, or about 20-30ml juice. Or move beyond? Of course. The juice can be added to desserts, as an addition to cakes, not only the apple and can be used as a tasty and healthy topping for ice cream.

Net volume: 400ml.