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NATJUN Black elderberry fruit 105% fruit elderberries 220g


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  • Elderberry fruit. This jam will bring back great memories of childhood taste. The amazing aroma and characteristic sour taste of elderberry was enclosed in a jar of delicious, natural confiture from Natjun.

Elderberry fruit (105g of fruit consumed per 100g of product), apple juice concentrate.

Nutritional values ​​in 100g of the product: energy value - 736kJ / 173kcal, fats - 0.3g, including: fatty acids - 0.01g, carbohydrates - 43g, sugars - 43g, protein - 0.5g, salt - 0.0g.

Our grandmothers once managed to conjure real treats, even from such inconspicuous balls, like elderberry fruits. The same taste can be found in the Natjun Czarny confection without 105% fruit. With the difference that Natjun jam does not contain a gram of sugar! It owes its sweetness to a little 400% concentrated apple juice. The entire production process, from the beginning to the end, is under strict control. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the fruit is harvested only from the clean areas of the Wielkopolska fields and meadows, which is why the finished product is so aromatic and healthy. However, the best thing is the absolute lack of restrictions for black elderberry preserves - it perfectly fits into the tea, blends in perfectly with the hot toast, perfectly breaks the sweetness of cakes and cakes.

Additional information: The
jar with jam must be stored in the refrigerator after opening. The product does not contain any additional preservatives. Only pasteurized.

Country of origin Poland.

Depending on your preferences, one or two spoons of jam can be added to tea, desserts or used as an accompaniment to bread.

Net weight: 220g