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NATJUN Black Tea Blooming Cherry 80g


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  • Black Tea. Tea for every occasion and for everyone - Natjun Blooming Tea, black cherry moves directly to Asia. Rich fruit and floral finish that makes a classic black tea is gaining a brand new, full of nuances installment, which you must try!

Black tea, cherry fruit, raisins, rose petals, marigold petals, flavor.

Looking for a high-quality black tea with some addition that would extend your taste horizons? There is a simple recipe - the passion of Natjun, which makes every moment you can learn new, non-obvious flavors of teas. Collected years of experience while traveling in Asia resulted in a unique blend of black tea Blooming Cherry. The sachet dried company Natjun closed the wonderful black tea, deep ciemnobursztynowym color and captivating aroma, it emphasizes sensuality cherry fruit, which gives a sweet-sour taste with a hint of stone fruit. Is completed raisins, rose petals and marigold, which kill in a wonderfully subtle flavor and aroma of the brew.

Additional information:
Store in a dry place, free from other, intense flavors.

Company Information:
Brand Natjun was created from the passion of discovery, through which we can explore new, original flavors of teas. The creators of Natjun create recipes that were enriched with true experience zyskanym while traveling through the most beautiful parts of the Far East.

Country of origin of the raw material: Vietnam.

How to use:
How to prepare the perfect tea it is simple - to be the cup pour 1 teaspoon dried, and the cup - 2 tsp. The tea is recommended to flood water at 96st. C, namely water, which came off approximately two minutes after boiling. Brewing time 3-4 minutes.

Net weight: 80g.