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NATJUN Multiflower honey nectar from the Polish apiary 220g


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  • Honey nectar. One of the greatest gifts of nature, i.e. honey. Sweet and aromatic, everyone also knows that it is very healthy. Multiflorous honey nectar from Polish apiary is a product of the highest quality, there is nothing else than to taste!

Nutritional values ​​in 100g of product: energy value - 1420kJ / 340kcal, fat - 0.0g, carbohydrates - not less than 70g, protein - 0.3g.

How is honey created? I think everyone knows that this is the result of the hard and meticulous work of bees. They first laboriously collect the nectar from the flowers, and then transform it into golden, liquid honey. The Natjun company offers a product that meets the highest standards, produced only from nectar from Polish flowers, blooming in the June and July sun. A long time ago, at a time when access to medicines was significantly limited, honey was used as a remedy for many ailments - heart disease, anemia, sore throat, cold. At present, the amazing properties of honey are still eagerly used, and today it is also recommended for desensitization in people with allergies to plant pollen. And how can I be sure that bought honey is the real one, not artificial? Natural honey is the only one that crystallizes with time. This is not a defect or a problem. It is enough to heat the honey gently and return to a smooth consistency. It is worth remembering, however, that the temperature can not exceed 42 degrees. C.

Additional information:
It is important to store honey in appropriate conditions - at a temperature below 18 degrees. C, away from sunlight.

Country of origin Poland.

Honey is ideal as a substitute for sugar. It can be used for tea, as well as coffee, it is important not to add to hot liquids, because under the influence of temperature honey loses most of its healing and health-promoting properties. And when you feel like something sweet, you can smear it with toast or a fresh, warm baguette.

Net weight: 220g