NATJUN plum-apple juice 400ml, plum juice


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  • Plum and apple juice Natjun same health! Delicious, sweet beverage fits perfectly into the Polish culinary tastes. Carefully selected fruits guarantee the highest quality and unique taste.

juice from plums (50%), apple juice (50%).

Juice apple plum is a wonderful combination of two fruits that reigns on Polish tables. The secret juice are special varieties of apples and plums that come from clean areas of Wielkopolska. The specific flavor of plums incredibly composes with apple. These fruits together form naturally sweet drink that will work in the summer heat, as well as during the harsh winter. Pectin contained in plums help to improve bowel function, which reduces the problem of constipation.Their health promoting properties are to promote removal of fat and cholesterol from cells.

Additional information:
Juice pasteurized. With juice could precipitate, which is a completely natural phenomenon. The product does not contain preservatives, flavorings and colorings. Once opened, the juice should be refrigerated.

Company Information:
The passion with which the company Natjun creates its products, is palpable in their taste. Thorough quality control is carried out at every stage of the juice in order to be characterized by great taste and was of the best quality.

Country of origin of the raw material: Polish.

How to use:
Before use, be sure to shake to mix the juice. Drink in any way - in its pure form or diluted with water. Juice can also add honey.

Net volume: 400ml.