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NATJUN Red Tea Pu-erh Citrus 80g, red tea benefits


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  • Seekers of new tastes from the company Natjun from a trip to southern China brought an unusual drink - tea Red Pu-erh Citrus.Well-known and highly valued, essential red tea this time in a new look with orange peel.

Red Tea Pu-erh tea, orange peel, flavor.

When it comes to tea, it will not find a better place on Earth to explore it than China, that is where the heart and mind led supporters of the tea company Natjun. According to the principle - for each something delicious - from a trip to China brought the recipe to the mix of red tea with astonishing ingredient - orange peel. There is something interesting in this connection, something that makes each another sip is better and more addictive. I've never tried red tea? Time to change. The infusion of Pu-erh Citrus is essential, saturated, but gentle enough that drinking the tea, red for the first time in my life, you can be sure that you fall in love with it forever. His intensity is due to the long aging period under certain conditions. But do not forget about the orange peel, which gives the beverage its citrus fragrance and a little sour taste. At the end of the most important - the tea has slimming properties. And this is not an invention of mad scientists, are a clear evidence. Chinese medicine has long been recommended red tea to regulate metabolism, burn fat and stimulate the digestive processes. Do you want to help your diet, select Citrus Pu-erh.

Additional information:
Protect from moisture and foreign odors.

Company Information:
Searching refined taste, traveling in order to obtain the best raw materials - is what distinguishes the brand Natjun from among the other manufacturers. Reaching products Natjun have the opportunity to savor the products of the highest quality, created from raw materials imported from the best plantations directly to your home.

Country of origin of raw materials: China, Yunnan province.

To prepare a unique brew, simply pour 1 teaspoon of tea into a cup or 2 teaspoons into a glass. Pour water at 96st. C. This means that the boiling water is allowed to rest for 2 minutes. Tea infuse for 3-5minut.

Net weight: 80g.