NATJUN Red Tea Pu-erh Egzotic 80g, red tea benefits


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  • Red Tea Pu-erh Egzotic offers a moment of forgetfulness and taste journey to the heart of the Middle Kingdom. Long-aged tea enriched with natural supplements - blackberry leaves and candied pineapple, which alter the normal brew a sensual feast.

Pu-erh tea, raisins, blackberry leaf, pineapple, candied aroma.

Pu-erh tea Egzotic is the quintessence of red tea. Carefully selected list of great harmony with a sweet, candied pineapple, blackberry leaves and soft raisins. Fruity aromas soothe aroma of red tea, which for some lovers of this drink is sometimes too "fishy". Those nieprzepadające the natural bitterness of tea can alleviate it a little honey, sugar or stevia. Gorgeous, deep shade of red is the result of proper preparation of tea leaves - at least three years maturing in specific conditions, which provide a unique taste and aroma of tea Pu-erh. The infusion of Pu-erh Egzotic well suited as a component of a balanced diet weight loss because it helps prevent extracurricular pounds.

Additional information:
Store in a place where there is no risk of the product become wet and pass other scents.

Country of origin: China, Yunnan province.

To brew the perfect cup of tea, you should keep the proportion of 1 teaspoon of tea per cup or 2 teaspoons per cup. Tea, pour water at 96st.C. the water reaches a temperature of about 2 minutes of boiling. Tea infuse about 3-5 minutes.

Net weight: 80g.