NATUR-SEPT 18 x Cough lozenges, sore throat lozenges


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NATUR-SEPT 18 x Cough lozenges, sore throat lozenges

  • Natur-Sept Cough, is a tablet containing natural herbal extracts and ingredients beneficial effect on the condition of the lining of the throat and soothing operating in cough. Pills also help protect the mucosa from external factors.

NATUR-SEPT Cough lozenges Ingredients:
Sugar, glucose syrup, extract thick with thyme, citric acid, dry extract of lichen Icelandic liquid extract of aloe aroma of guava extract, dense with marshmallow root extract, mullein flowers, dry extract of the inflorescence linden, lemon oil.

NATUR-SEPT Cough lozenges action: Natur-Sept cough, the pills, which gently coat the throat mucosa protecting it from dryness and other irritations. In addition, the ingredients contained in the preparation soothe the cough and protect from harmful influences, such as dry, cold or polluted air.