NATUR-SEPT, sore throat remedies


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NATUR-SEPT x 18 tablets, sore throat remedies

  • Sept nature is a complex supplement to the suction indicated for infections of the upper respiratory tract, pharynx and oral cavity, and have very little affect on immunity.

NATUR-SEPT sore throat remedies Composition:
1 tablet contains: extract of sage leaves 60 mg extract of the herb verbena 10 mg of extract, mullein flowers 10 mg, 60% citrus bioflavonoids 5 mg, 15 mg of vitamin C, aloe extract 10 mg, 1 mg menthol

NATUR-SEPT sore throat remedies Action:
By combining together several natural herbal extracts of sage, verbena and mullein, preparation helps you through the astringent, purifying, protecting and toning all inflammations of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. On the other hand, the addition of vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids extract and aloe vera naturally contributes to increasing resistance.

Dosage :
a preparation for oral use - suck 1 tablet every 6 hours