NAVALIS orthosal Amino 20 powder Amino acids for horses refill 5 kg

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Amino acids for horses navalis orthosal ® Amino 20 Horse

Supplementary feed for horses

navalis orthosal Amino 20 for horses contains high quality and bioavailable amino acids to compensate for a protein and amino acid deficiency in the sense of an ideal protein concept. The 20 essential and non-essential amino acids in navalis orthosal Amino 20 for horses are not only used to build up and maintain healthy muscles - they are also involved in many metabolic processes. 

Current recommendations for horses by the German Society for Nutritional Physiology (GfE, 2014) were taken into account in the new navalis orthosal Amino 20 for horses, as was the best possible precaecal digestibility of the amino acids (absorbable through the small intestine and therefore actually available).

Amino acids for horses:

 The feed supplement is based, among other things, on a high-quality and GMO-free whole soy, that has not been subjected to an extraction process. Thus, all essential ingredients are contained in the natural form, while contaminating extraction residues are not present.